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Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needles 3R Fits for Permanent Makeup Machine Pen

  • Product Item:CNN3T
  • Category:Needle Cartridge
  • Views:509
  • D1,1R-0.18,1R-0.25,1R-0.3,1R-0.35,3R,5R,7R,5F,7F.
  • Eyebrow/lips/liner
  • disposable using only
  • Individually packed
  • Product Manual:*Material:316 medical stainless steel with pre-sterile by E.O. Gas, *This cartridge needles can be used to eyebrow, eyeliner, lip contour. Permanent makeup cartridge tattoo needles suitable for perma

Brand Name Guapa and OEM Service Available
Item Name Disposable Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridge
Usage Eyebrow, eyeliner, lip contour and body tattoo
Material Plastic+Medical Grade Stainless Steel
Color Grey
Weight 2.7g
Package Individually packed
Available Sizes D1,1R-0.18,1R-0.25,1R-0.3,1R-0.35,3R,5R,7R,5F,7F.
Sterilized Gama Rays

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