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Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Eyebrow Tattoo 3D Face Practice Skin for Permanent Makeup Tattoo and microbladingTraining

  • Product Item:LGPS3D
  • Category:PMU Training Accessories
  • Views:70
  • 3D Super soft,skin like color, texture close to human skin
  • Lip:58g/Face:66g/Eyebrows:85g
  • individual package
  • synthetic skin-like material
  • Product Manual:***Universal:The semi-permanent skin practice has a similar feel as human skin,suitable for Eyebrows lips Microblading. ***Practice Tattoo Skin Material: Semi-permanent practice skin was made from

Product Name 3D Permenent makeup tattoo practice skin 
Size 14.6cm*19.3cm
Materical  synthetic skin-like material, Non toxic 
Feature 1 3D effect a similar feel as human skin
Feature 2 Super soft,skin like color, texture close to human skin
Weight Lip:58g/Face:66g/Eyebrows:85g
Package 1 Pc/Bag
Usage Permanent Makeup Tattoo Practice and traning
Function For practice
OEM Available

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