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Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Microblading Tattoo lip Braces Protect Teeth when Permanent Makeup Lips Oral Care

  • Product Item:LGM-Braces
  • Category:PMU Training Accessories
  • Views:625
  • Protect your teeth when PMU operate
  • individual box package
  • Made in Soft silicone
  • Permanent Makeup Tattoo Braces
  • Product Manual:Extremely precise like never before, easy to use and very simple to maintain. ?Complexity transformed into simplicity and ultimate sophistication is what makes this tool one of a kind.

Product Name  Permanent Makeup Tattoo Lip Braces
Weight 25g
Materical Soft silicone
Feature 1  Easy to carry and convenient to use.
Feature 2 provide complete protection during pmu lips
Color Transparent
Package 1 Pc/box
Usage Permanent Makeup Microblading Lip
Function Protect teeth
OEM Available

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