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Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Lamigo Industrial Co.,Ltd

Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needles Needle Fits for Liberty Machine Charmant 1 Machine Pen

  • Product Item:CNXM1B
  • Category:Needle Cartridge
  • Views:4080
  • Available size:1R,2R,3R,5R,7R,D1R,3F,5F,7F.(“P” on the package="R")
  • Material:316 medical stainless steel
  • for permanent makeup pen,Liberty Machine Charmant 1 Pen
  • Individually packed, disposable using only.
  • Product Manual:*Material:316 medical stainless steel with pre-sterile by E.O. Gas, This cartridge needles can be used to eyebrow, eyeliner, lip contour. *Permanent makeup cartridge tattoo needles suitable for perma
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